The company was founded in 1977 by Tacchificio Gastaldi Orlando, a family-run business, and in 2010 it became Tacchificio Gastaldi S.r.l. with young dynamic owners, following its example.

A leading company in Italy for the production of pad-printed heels, lacquered heels and the production of two-component and one-component under-heels.

In 2000, the company became the first in Italy for the application of pad printing on the heel.

The experience gained over the years, first with a system of hand-wrapped leather heels, then with injected leather, means that our pad printing is an excellent imitation of various materials, such as leather, cork leather, wood, briar, several designs, reaching a high weekly production capacity.

All this makes the company competitive in prices, with timely deliveries and an excellent quality of materials.
From the plastic moulding with first-choice material to the completion of the heel following all the criteria of European standards.

ISO 14001:2015


Plastic Moulding

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Under-heel Moulding

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Model Completion

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Pad Printing

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